WineCooler W-AR

The wine cellar air-conditioning system WINECOOLER W-AR are compact and fit simply in the place of a window.

These systems are made for wine cellars with the possibility of an outside exit (window). The unit is fixed in replacement of the window, resists to bad weather. Planned also to be installed in bomb shelters (abri PC).

Complete device with an auto defrost system, electronic thermostat command VINO CONTROL, rotary compressor without CFC nor HCFC (neutral for the ozone layer), 3 speed drive ventilator, dust filter.

– Energy class A
– Detachable facade to simplify cleaning
– Auto defrost
– Security anti-roams cycle
– Low sound level for the outside group
– Automatic restart in case of accidental electricity cut, no loss of programming
– Electronic thermostat VINO CONTROL incl.

                                                                         Electronic command