Tastvin Serving


Service wine cabinets that are both efficient and aesthetic.

Mainly used to establish an ideal temperature for tasting wines, the Tastvin service wine cabinet is multi-temperature that can be used for both the freshest wines and the most chambered wines.

Designed with real attention given to detail, the Tastvin service wine cabinets seduce with their technicality, by the LED lighting and glass doors. Thanks to Egger panels in different colors (metallic paint, wood effect, etc.), it is possible to obtain a wine cabinet that will go perfectly with the environment. Equipped with the appropriate accessories, the Tastvin service wine cabinets will find their place in a luxury establishment.

Offered with no less than six shelves made of wood and sliding, the Tastvin wine cabinets can, like the T60 model, fit perfectly under a worktop. As for the T83 model, it will adapt without problem with a kitchen column.

Most Tastvin wine cabinets have the following standard dimensions : 68 cm deep and 60 cm wide. Mainly designed for professional use, service cabinets are frequently found in restaurants.

The ideal temperature for storing bottles is between 6° and 16° : 12 to 16° at the top for red wine, which should be served at room temperature; 6 to 12° below for rosé, white, Champagne. Each wine service cabinet has two thermostats as well as two probes intended to regulate the temperature in an optimal way. The air circulates freely inside the wine cabinet, thus making it possible to have a staggered temperature according to the floors.