While the CellarView racks are designed to screw into a wall, we can also supply mounting frames to accommodate a much greater variety of installation options. Create a unique free-standing wine racking system that works equally well in commercial establishments or private residential wine cellars. The frame takes our standard wall racks and simply screws into the floor and ceiling.

The Floor-to-Ceiling rack is 304.8cm (max high) x 21.5cm (width) and are made from high quality steel and come in matt Black (powder coated) or Platinum (brushed nickel) finish.

Easily display your wine collection anywhere with the Floating Wall Wine Rack Kit, featuring our patented Wall Series metal wine racks and Floor-to-Ceiling Frames. The frames are designed to work with most any combination of our WS series racks, up to a height of 3 metres. This configuration is a perfect kit to create room dividers or push displays up against glass walls in the most visually stunning way imaginable.