Natural Stone Racks

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The conservation of wine bottles in natural stone confers a charm and a particular atmosphere to your wine cellar. By its mass, the stone increases the thermal and hygrometric stability of your wine cellar.

The various systems are very flexible and adapt easily to all dimensions. You can develop your layout in time and according to the quantity of your bottles.

All our wine storage systems have a depth from 25 to 30 cm. (below this depth the bottles are not stable) which allows, without any problem, the stockage of magnum bottles and also assures a good stability of the whole system.

Every system has a different composition :
– natural tuff (volcanic ashes),
– expanded clay,
– grindstones,
– sedimentary tuff.

We only use natural colouring agents for our stone wine racks to avoid any release of smell – no glue or chemical products – Manufactured in Switzerland.

All our wine racks are on display in our shop.
 Le Cellier, Avenue du Mail 17, 1205 Geneva