WineMaster IN50+

The WineMaster IN50+ model offers a reheating feature. With its use of new materials, its « Energy Saving System » technology, and ease of installation the new WineMaster IN50+ air conditioner’s combined features set a new standard in excellence in the marketplace.

The WineMaster IN50+ can preserve up to 5’000 bottles. It is equipped with an Energy Saver Motor fan, rotary compressor, and a reaction turbine, all of which result in significant energy savings.

It can maintain a wine cellar at a constant temperature between 8°C and 18°C and, through its insulated ducts, extract excess moisture to the exterior. The WineMaster IN50+ is easy to maintain, as it only requires a simple filter change at least once a year. Additionally, it is equipped with an anti-vibration system.

Because of its design, it integrates perfectly into the cellar. To make installation easier, the exits are at the back, with staggered extraction and a blower nozzles. The unit ships with one straight duct with connectors, 160 mm in diameter and 1’000 mm long, and two telescoping wall ducts with louvred shutter on the blowing side.

An kit for the WineMaster IN50+ comprising two ducts, 2 meter long, plus two support clamps and two right-angle elbows, is available as an option.

Technical Data :
Capacity :  50m3
Cooling Capacity : 1200 W at 15°C
Dimensions W x H x D : 500 x 1044 x 428 mm
Weight : 53 kg
Power Supply : 230-240 V – 50Hz
Noise level (at 1M and at 3M) : 50 dB / 43 dB