Sandyline Black

Wine racks in lava blocks


The wine storage system Sandyline Black (manufactured in Switzerland) awakens forgotten sensations when vintage wines were preserved on a bed of sand. The absence of light is ideal for your bottles of exception. The volcanic black lava is ideal for a slow maturation.

Preserve your bottles on a bed of sand !


The ageing on a bed of sand has several advantages to protect your wine against its main enemies : drought, vibrations and temperature variations.

– Flexible and easy installation;
– By its mass the SandyLine contributes to a thermal stability;
– The Tuff works as a “sponge” : better hygrometric stability of the wine cellar;
– Capacity 14 to 20 bottles by rack;
Manufactured in Switzerland.

Real slates, with clips, to facilitate the organisation of your wine cellar.

Ardoises photo


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